Tokushima Sightseeing and Culture

Awa Odori Hall

The Awa Odori Hall allows visitors to enjoy the Awa Odori Dance all year round, and the opportunity to dance with professional Awa Dance troupes.

Naruto Whirlpools

The Naruto Strait separates Tokushima Prefecture and Awaji Island, and, spanning distance of up to 20m, the whirlpools found there are some of the largest in the world.

Vine Bridges in Iya Region

One of Japan's 3 most unusual bridges, the all-natural Iya Valley Vine Bridge is weaved entirely from vines. The backdrop of the Iya Valley River compliments the bridge to create a breathtaking landscape.

Awa Odori Dance

This is the largest event in Tokushima, and goes back over 400 years. It's famous not only national but also abroad, Where is held in high regard alongside other lively and exciting dance festivals such as the Rio Carnival.