Using the Taxi

Using the Taxi

Popular destinations, fee and journey times

Popular destinations Fee Journey times
Tokushima station Approx. 3,800 yen Approx. 25 mins
Naruto station Approx. 2,300 yen Approx. 20 mins
Naruto Park Approx. 4,600 yen Approx. 30 mins
Matsushige(Highway bus terminal) Approx. 1,400 yen Approx. 8 mins
For customers who need taxis after 8pm
We highly recommend booking in advance because taxis are limited.
If you need a taxi, please contact the taxi company.

Contact Universal taxi / Elder care and welfare taxi

Taxi association 

[Priority for Reservations] Taxi available for sightseeing in Tokushima prefecture

  • Naruto Dai-ichi taxiTel.088-685-5555
  • Yoshinogawa taxiTel.0120-652-051
  • To-maru taxiTel.088-669-3505
  • Anzen taxiTel.088-631-4988

[Priority for Reservations] Taxi available for sightseeing only in Tokushima city

  • O-gi taxiTel.088-668-0051
  • Konpila taxiTel.088-622-1693

Contact taxi companies

  • Matsushige taxiTel.088-699-2210 / 0120-70-2210
  • Naruto dai-Ichi taxiTel.088-685-5555
  • Dai-Ichi kotsuTel.088-654-8811
  • Novil taxiTel.088-663-3888
  • Horie taxiTel.088-689-3331
  • JI taxiTel.088-697-3457
  • Kukou(airport) taxiTel.088-698-2217
  • Ebis Naruto kanko taxiTel.088-685-9999
  • Kitajima taxiTel.088-698-2931
  • Bando taxiTel.088-689-1245
  • Itano taxiTel.088-672-0274


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