Using the Taxi

Using the Taxi

Request for taxi reservation

Due to a frequent shortage of waiting taxis, please make reservations in advance.
I will do it.

Contact taxi companies★…There is sufficient number of vehicles available at night.

  • ★Novil taxiTel.088-663-3888(Reservations must be made at least 2 days in advance.)
    Click here for the reservation site.
  • Matsushige taxiTel.088-699-2210 / 0120-70-2210
  • ★Tokushima Dai-Ichi kotsu Naruto officeTel.088-685-7777
  • Ebis Naruto kanko taxiTel.088-685-9999 / 0120-05-5025
  • Naruto dai-Ichi taxiTel.088-685-5555
  • Kukou(airport) taxiTel.088-698-2217
  • Kintoki taxiTel.088-689-3331
  • JI taxiTel.088-697-3457

Popular destinations, fee and journey times

Popular destinations Fee Journey times
Tokushima station Approx. 4,250 yen Approx. 30 mins
Naruto station Approx. 2,330 yen Approx. 15 mins
Naruto Park Approx. 5,690 yen Approx. 35 mins
Matsushige(Highway bus terminal) Approx. 1,530 yen Approx. 8 mins

You can use "Tokushima Prefecture Hospitality Taxi".

Tokushima Prefecture Hospitality Taxis are taxis manned by certified drivers who have passed training and examinations on "safe driving," "customer service etiquette," and "Tokushima tourism knowledge." Please note that you must make your own reservations.【Click here for details

Convenient movement within Matsushige town!About fixed price taxis within Matsushige Town

Contact Universal taxi / Elder care and welfare taxi

【Taxi association】TEL.088-641-4116

[Priority for Reservations] Taxi available for sightseeing in Tokushima prefecture

  • Naruto Dai-ichi taxiTel.088-685-5555
  • Yoshinogawa taxiTel.0120-652-051
  • To-maru taxiTel.088-669-3505
  • Anzen taxiTel.088-631-4988

[Priority for Reservations] Taxi available for sightseeing only in Tokushima city

  • O-gi taxiTel.088-668-0051
  • Konpila taxiTel.088-622-1693


【Reservation priority】Available for sightseeing inside and outside the prefecture

Wheelchairs/sleepers Specialized vehicles / Nursing care taxis Private ambulance

  • Yoshioka Welfare TransportationTel.088-676-2407


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