Boarding / Arrival procedure (Domestic)

Domestic:Arrival procedure

Here is the steps you need to take when arriving at Tokushima Awa Odori airport.


Follow the direction to the baggage claim and arrivals lobby on the 1st floor.

※For costumers with mobility issues, please use the available elevator.

Baggage claim
At the baggage claim area, pick up your baggage after checking the number on your baggage claim tag. Customers who did not check in baggage can make their way to the exit. You cannot return once you have left the baggage claim area. If you have left something behind, please notify an airline staff member.
Arrivals lobby
Please go to the information desk for information concerning access to your destination or any other local information.

Domestic:Boarding rocedure

Here are the steps you need to take when leaving Tokushima Awa Odori airport.

Check-in counter

Please complete the boarding procedure at the Domestic counter. (1F) Please drop off your large baggage and receive the claim tags.

※For those customers without a ticket,please make your way directly to the boarding gate on the 3rd floor.

Security checkpoint

Your bag will be Inspected and you will be body checked at the security point on the 3rd floor. Present your flight ticket, your bag needs to pass through the x-ray machine. Customers will need to go through the x-ray machine for a body check.

※Please put any metal objects into your bag or the tray.
※Please remove any digital devices from your bag. ※Please remove any opened bottle from your bag.

Find out about the airline company’s website for prohibited carry-on items.
JAL [ About luggage ] / ANA [ About hand bag ]

Boarding waiting room
Spend time at the waiting room until arrival time.
There are shops where you can purchase light meals, souvenirs. You can also use the massage chairs and the smoking room.
There are 2 boarding gates (No.3 , No.4) Follow the airline stuff information to get on the board.


Access information
Airport facilities / Local information