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1F Arrival lobby / Check-in counter


Information / Service

General information
8:00-21:00 (Till last flight)
General information

Guide Information,access, tourists information. If you need a wheelchair or a stroller, please ask an airport staff member.

Hands-free sightseeing service for sightseeing in Tokushima (From airport to Tokushima prefecture)
If you drop off your luggage it can be delivered to your hotel.
Service Available 2023/4/1 - 2024/3/31 No exclusion date
Open 8:30-11:30
Fee 500 yen/per item.
Delivery time 18:00 -21:00 on the same day
Terms of use Total of 3 sides is within 169cm and Up to 25kg
Sales period 2021/9/30(Thur)-2026/12/31(Thur)
Special deal 【Unlimited rides for 2 days】
Adult 1,500 yen (includes tax) Children 750 yen (includes tax)
Target person For Foreign tourists
※ Please present your passport when you buy it.
Target routes Available lines Tokushima bus co. All lines run by Tokushima city. ※Except highway bus
Rental car counter
Please check the following.
Please check the following.
Rental car counter

We accept reservation for access to Tokushima city at the counter in front of the arrival gate on the 1st floor.

Toyota Rent & Leasing TEL.088-699-6606
Times Car TEL.088-699-5658
Nippon Rent-a-Car TEL.088-699-6170
Nissan Rent-a-Car TEL.088-699-4623
Budget Rent-a-Car TEL.088-699-0843
Orix Rent-a-car TEL.088-699-1110
Sky Rent-a-car TEL.088-699-3977
the following information
Awa bank cash dispenser
※Money can be withdrawn only by bank card.
Opening time (Week day) 8:45-19:00.
(Sat.Sun.National holiday) 9:00-17:00
A banking institution Awa bank, JP Bank
Location Back passage of Seven-Eleven
※Available for charge WAON
Opening time 6:00-21:30
A banking institution City bank, Local bank, JP Bank, Shinkin Bank, Labor Bank, Trust bank, etc.
Location Near the arrival gate
Seven bank ATM
Opening time 6:00-21:30
A banking institution City bank, Local bank, JP Bank, Shinkin Bank, Labor Bank, Trust bank, etc.
Location In front of Seven-eleven
During the opening hours of the Terminal building.

Available to use for 3days. (From the day you use it.)
If you need to use more than 3days, please tell the information desk.
※After midnight, you will have to pay for an additional day.
※If you lose the key, you will need to pay 1,500 yen for compensation.
※You can use only in cash.

Small (width34.5cm depth 57.5cm hight 32cm)
Fee(1day) 300 yen
Medium (width34.5cm depth 57.5cm hight 55cm)
Fee (1day) 400 yen
Large (width34.5cm depth 57.5cm hight 84cm)
Fee (1day) 500 yen
Large (width34.5cm depth 57.5cm hight 112cm)
Fee (1day) 600 yen
Breastfeeding room
During the opening hours of the Terminal building.
Breastfeeding room

It can be used for emergency sick people, wheelchair users, men and those who have young children.
※There is a diaper changing table and a hot water facility.

Seven-eleven Awa Odori airport [tax free]
088-699-2831[Tokushima airport building co.]
Seven-eleven Awa Odori airport [tax free]

Seven-eleven sells bread,sandwiches, bento boxes, souvenirs.
Home delivery service from Yamato Transport.
※If the last flight is delayed the opening time might be extended.

Tokushima bus ticket vending machine
During the opening hours of the Terminal building.
Limousine bus tickets machine to Tokushima Station.

You can but tickets to Tokushima Station (Limousine bus) or Tokushima bus.
*Tickets can be purchased at ticket machines using cash / transportation ICs.
*If you pay directly on the bus without purchasing a ticket, you can only pay in cash.
Transportation ICs cannot be used on the bus.

Limousine bus to Tokushima Station
Fee 600 yen to Tokushima Station
Bus stop NO.1
City bus to Naruto
Fee 480 yen to Otsuka Museum of Art
480 yen to Naruto Park
Bus stop NO.2
Caution Only some bus stop tickets are sold.
If your ticket vending machine does not have a button for your stop ticket, please pay the fare directly on the bus.
Break space
From 6:15 to the end of the last flight arrival

A resting space that anyone can use next to Seven-Eleven on the 1st floor of Tokushima Awaodori Airport. Please relax in a space that imagines the rich nature of Tokushima.
★ Drinks, meals, etc. can be brought in.
★ Free Wi-Fi and free outlets are available.

Barrier free

Multipurpose toilet
During the opening hours of the Terminal building.
Multipurpose toilet

There are handrails, an emergency bell in the restroom.
It is accessible for wheelchair users.
※It is accessible for those with a colostomy condition.

During the opening hours of the Terminal building.

The elevator is designed for wheelchair users to easily enter and depart.
It is useful for those who have large luggage.


Access information
Airport facilities / Local information