[Domestic Flights] Arrival and boarding procedures

  • [Domestic Flights] Arrival procedures
  • [Domestic Flights] Boarding procedures

[Domestic Flights] Arrival procedures

[Domestic Flights] Arrival procedures

Here is a guide to the steps you take when arriving at Tokushima Awaodori Airport.

Arrival (concourse)

Follow the track. Baggage claim and arrivals lobby are on the 1st floor.

*Customers with mobility issues are recommended to use the elevator.

Baggage claim

At baggage claim, pick up your baggage after checking the number on your baggage claim tag. Customers who did not check in baggage can go ahead to the exit. You cannot go back once you exit, so if you have left something behind, please notify an airliner staff.

Arrivals lobby

Ask at the Information Desk about how to get to your destination.

[Domestic Flights] Boarding procedures

[Domestic Flights] Boarding procedures

Here is a guide to the steps you take when departing from Tokushima Awaodori Airport

Check-in counter

Please check-in at the domestic flights check-in counter of your airline (1st floor.) Check in large baggage at the counter and receive a baggage claim tag.

*Customers using the ticketless service can go straight to the boarding gate on the 3rd floor.

Security check

Your carry-on bags and body will be checked at security (3rd floor.) Present your boarding pass to a member of staff and put your carry-on bags through the x-ray machine. Customers will need to step through the metal detector.

*Put anything metallic in a bag or the basket provided. Take laptops out of the bag. Remove filled plastic bottles from the bag.


Boarding area

Please wait at the boarding gate area until departure.
There are shops selling light meals and souvenirs, massage chairs and smoking rooms.


There are two boarding gates (3 and 4.)
Follow the instructions given by the airline staff to board.

Weather at Tokushima Awaodori Airport

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