Charley Kawauchi Tokshima Airport

Shop in the boarding room.

Opening hours:10:00~19:00


Tokushima’s leading patisserie directly runs the store. Savor the high-quality cakes and sweets made with ingredients grown in Tokushima.

Opening hours:08:00~20:20


We hope to serve you with a variety of Shikoku souvenirs, as well as those from Tokushima.

Opening hours:06:15~20:15

Sky Shop Shirasagi

We sell specialties and fine articles made of materials of Tokushima with an abundance of nature. We hope to see you soon.

Opening hours:06:15~20:15

Tokushima Aigura

We have a wide variety of carefully selected fine pieces, including “collector’s items of Awa.”
We also carry many bamboo dolls and folk craft items.

Opening hours:06:15~20:15

Convenience store

7-Eleven Tokushima Awaodori Airport store. We sell bread, sandwiches, bentos and souvenirs.
We also arrange couriers by Yamato Transport.

Opening hours:06:15~21:10

* Opening hours may be extended if the last flight is delayed.

BLUE SKY Gate store (boarding area)

The store in the boarding area sells souvenirs and light meals.

Opening hours:06:15~20:20

(Popular items on the menu)
Draft beer 500-yen / hot coffee 250-yen / Udon (kitsune / Naruto wakame) 500-yen

Popular Tokushima souvenirs


A steamed cake made the traditional way using carefully chosen azuki, non-glutinous rice, yam, and wasanbon sugar.

Awa wasanbon sugar

Hailed the king of sugar, Awa’s wasanbon sugar is used in making high-end Japanese sweets.

Kincho Manju

Made with an abundance of chocolate, milk, honey, and butter, the famous confectionary has been a longtime favorite of many for its delicate balance of slightly bitter taste and white bean jam.

Budo Manju

Designed to look like five dumplings on a skewer, the Budo Manju has a delicate aroma of grapes.

Sudachi (citrus)

The citrus fruit is a specialty of Tokushima. It is enjoyed in many ways, from drizzling the juice over pickles and grilled fish to garnishing Japanese sake with a slice.

Naruto wakame (seaweed)

The wakame grown in the whirlpools of Naruto has a characteristic deep color, rich flavor and crunchy texture. Ash-dried wakame has a long shelf-life and is widely used in cooking.

Naruto Kintoki

The sands of Naruto are full of marine minerals and produce velvety and sweet potatoes. The potatoes have a red skin a bright yellow flesh. They are packed full of vitamin A and carotene.

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