Using the route bus

Using the route bus

  • During the year-end and New Year holidays (December 29th to January 3rd) and during the Tokushima City Awa Odori festival (August 12th to August 15th), the bus will operate according to the schedule on weekends and holidays.
  • The city bus may be late depending on the traffic.
    ※You can check live update on [Tokushima bus navi].
  • All city buses are non step. ※If the non step bus is out of service a replacement step bus may be used instead.
  • City buses and Limousine buses charge different prices.

Popular destinations and fee

About purchasing bus tickets

〇 There is a bus ticket vending machine in the airport.
However, you can only purchase tickets for the following stops.
"Naruto Park"/"Otsuka Museum of Art"/"Naruto Sightseeing Boat"/"Tokushima Station"/"Matsushige"/"Naruto Station"/"Naruto City Hall"
Get off at a bus stop other than the above Please pay the fare in cash when you get off the bus.

〇You can use cash only when you get off the bus.
Various transportation cards and QR code payments cannot be used.

TokushimaService: Tokushima Bus
Bus stop Fee
Shikoku University 350 yen
Tokushima station(ekimae) 450 yen
AizumiService: Tokushima Bus
Bus stop Fee
Matsushige(Tokutoku terminal) 120 yen
Hiroshima lump 150 yen
Fuji Grand Kitajima 320 yen
Youmetown Tokushima 500 yen
NarutoService: Tokushima Bus
Bus stop Fee
Naruto station 280 yen
Naruto Koen (park) 480 yen
Naruto University of Education 410 yen
Uchinoumi park 430 yen


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